Sidekick Flashbang Pouch

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Our Sidekick Flashbang Pouch is made to be a low-profile option for flashbang retention. The Sidekick design was created to add storage under the cummerbund close to the carrier near the edge of either the front or rear plate bag.

Optional Liberty Dynamics Flashbang Rattle Stop fits only the size Large Sidekick Flashbang Pouch.


  • Hybrid Cordura/elastic construction gives solid retention while allowing quick re-indexing of flashbang
  • Open corner design allows drainage from the pouch
  • Compatible with our shock cord retention system
  • The ambidextrous folded design allows one pouch to be usable on the left or right side
  • Extended hook Velcro allows the pouch to stay secure while doffing a Velcro cummerbund

Dimensions of Pouch Portion:

  • Small: 2" Width, 4" Height, 1.25" Depth
  • Large: 2" Width, 4.25" Height, 1.75" Depth


  • Small: M84, CTS Mini Bang, MK-13 
  • Large: Liberty Dynamics, CTS Flash Bang