Rotor Wash APRIL 22, 2023

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Should weather not permit flight, you WILL be compensated on the next shoot for helo run(s). Understand that weather determines all of the inner workings of getting the bird in the air, making transit to the range, and back to home. 


Food and lodging will be available. Lodging is $200 for the night split between all people that stay. For instance, if you have 5 people, its $40 per person. If lodging is full, you are permitted to bring a camper or tents. No fire pits allowed on the property.

Come on out, test out your kit, and have fun! We will be running drills, hanging out.
All levels of shooters welcome with safety being the priority.
Weather is starting to get cold, so burn barrels on site for warmth, as well as bed and breakfast doors are open

If you would like videos and photos, please select the Photography Package, and you will be given a specific color chem light upon arrival for our photographers to be able to track you. Once the shoot is over and all media has been screened, you will be emailed a link to cloud storage associated with your order number. 

Must bring proof of purchase of your admission to the range. Everyone will be checked in at the gate. Gates close at 6pm. Make sure you are on time. Your admission is NON-REFUNDABLE

Feel free to bring cornhole setups, and really whatever you please for family groups. These activities will be held at Range 2
Legal : All attendees will sign a waiver for the range upon arrival. This waiver is specifically written for the range property and is standard practice.
Safety : All participants must exercise not only safe firearm practices, but safe low light practices. Some of the gear required to be on the range is as follows.
Headgear : Preferred ballistic, but we all know how this game goes. Please make an effort to use a ballistic helmet on the range.
Armor Systems : armor Systems, from here on out will only be required during scenario based events and advanced maneuvers. if you choose to simply shoot from the firing line, no kit is required.
Beacons/Chem Lights : IR and or VIS beacons and/or chem lights are a requirement. If for some reason you cannot obtain these prior to coming, I will provide IR chem lights prior to you approaching the firing line.
Wildlife : Being that we are in a rural setting, leave the wildlife alone. Unless its hogs or yotes. Send them straight to hell.