Night Vision Optimized Counterweight

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The N.O.C. (Night-Vision Optimized Counterweight) is the first all-in-one helmet accessory that completely takes care of all your night vision needs. The N.O.C. has three options for easy compatibility with almost any setup, ANVIS/AGW battery pouch, AN/PVS-31 battery pouch, or a counterweight pouch. Built-in shock cord loop at the top allows our NODs retention lanyard to attach with no need for extra accessories.


  • Built-in velcro tabs are located along the bottom for cable management.
  • Adjustable Shock cord and hook for retention of night vision devices.
  • Multiple options to secure NOC to one's helmet.
  • shock cord along the top flap for PID and cable management.

Included Items:

  • Nods retention lanyard
  • Counter weight tie down 
  • Counter weights- 17.5oz total weight in .5oz sections (5 strips of 3.5oz weights) **counter-weight option only**