Dump Pouch

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This Dump Pouch is designed to be very low profile when not in use but still allow ample storage for magazine recovery, storage of evidence, sensitive materials, and even fits a full-size Gatorade for range day use.  Our Dump Pouch comes with MOLLE+ belt loops.  Use the included MOOLLE+ belt loops to work with inner/outer belt systems or stand alone belts (loop side out)


  • Ultracompact size when stored
  • 70D Ripstop Nylon storage bags is durable while stowing away compactly
  • Half-moon top opening allows easy access while keeping items contained without additional closure systems
  • Rapid deployment tab deploys the storage bag with a simple tug
  • Wider belt mounted surface gives control to the storage bag so items don't flop around
  • MOLLE+ belt loops fit belts from 1.5"-2" and allows removal without removing other components from your belt and allow continuos hook/loop contact across the mounting surface.
  • The use of MALICE clips or similar attachments reqired for MOLLE mounting


  • 3" Height, 6" Width (when bag is stowed)