Collapsible Gas Mask Bag

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The Collapsible Gas Mask Bag is a low-profile, belt-mountable Gas Mask storage solution with a leg strap system to keep the bag tight to your side. Low-profile GTSR buckle belt mounts allow the user to remove the bag easily and can be located anywhere on the belt or any MOLLE surface for your perfect fit. Made with a Laser-cut laminate MOLLE attachment panel with MOLLE+ on the top 3 rows allowing the use of our MOLLE+ belt loops or standard MALICE CLIPS if desired. The compression zipper allows the bag to collapse flat when not storing your mask.


  • MOLLE+ attachment points
  • Adjustable attachments for both ride height and leg size
  • Elastic keepers for strap retention
  • GTSR buckles for quick release
  • Front shock cord for sizing to any Mask
  • Expandable/contractable outer zipper system 
  • Double non-locking zipper sliders for rapid main compartment access


  • Belt Loops (x4)
  • Belt Attachments (x2)
  • Leg Strap (x1) (Includes x3 of 4" One Wrap)


  • Collapsed: 7.5" Width, 11.25" Height, 1.5" Depth
  • Expanded: 7.5" Width, 11.25" Height, 5" Depth