Breaching Tool Holder

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A simple loop that allows easy access to breaching tools.  Scubba webbing base carries tools with full rigidity while allowing the loop to flex when not in use.  The loop is constructed to always remnain open allowing easy reindexing of tools after use. Our Breaching Tool Holder comes with MOLLE+ belt loops. Use the included MOLLE+ belt loops to work with inner/outer belt systems or stand-alone belts (loop side out).


  • Hybrid Cordura/scubba construction gives rigidity while allowing quick re-indexing of tools
  • Compatible with Bushido and Double-Tap Breaching Tools or other tools upto 1.5" in diameter.
  • MOLLE+ belt loops fit belts from 1.5"-2" and allows removal without removing other components from your belt and allow continuous hook/loop contact across the mounting surface.
  • The use of MALICE clips or similar attachments required for MOLLE mounting