Mobile Machinegun Rental

Ever wanted to just get your buddies together and shoot machineguns on your own property? Ever wish machinegun rentals weren't so crazy expensive at public outdoor ranges? Well, as our inventory grows, we will continue to offer some AWESOME machineguns for YOU to shoot at a reasonable price, at a location of YOUR choice. All we ask is please verify with your outdoor range that these type of firearms are permitted. We WILL double check with the range management once you are booked to verify that your time and money would not be wasted. Let's cut to the chase and get to the good stuff.....what's it cost?
Anywhere within the DFW metroplex, it is no charge to meet you at your desired location. 150-200 miles is a $250 travel charge. 250-300 miles will be a $500 travel charge. This mileage is based on round trip from Nyctea Systems HQ to your location of choice. Absolute AWESOME opportunity for Bachelor parties, college graduation, company morale building events, and more. Now let's get to the cost of running these guns. 

For Law Enforcement Agency Demonstrations, ammunition will be determined by department ammunition stock and function.

We don't do a flat rate per gun, but only charge you for the ammo you shoot. Ammo will be marked up to cover maintenance, repairs, but nothing crazy, so let's get into it. 

9x18 Makarov - $0.75 per round

9mm/9x19 - $0.60 per round

5.56x45 - $0.60 per round

7.62x51 - $1.50 per round

9mm Tracer - $1.50 per round

All of these prices, as always with how ammo fluctuates, is subject to change based on current economy. Now, here's the inventory I'm sure you're dying to see.

Glock 45 with auto sear - 9mm


MP5K Suppressed - 9mm


Circle 11 Polish PM63 RAK - 9x18 Makarov

(As seen with Top Shot Dustin)


Home Brew MK18 MOD-WHOCARES Suppressed - 5.56x45 NATO


Browning M1919A7 w/ Spade Grips - 7.62x51 NATO

(As seen with Top Shot Dustin)


We understand that at the current moment, our inventory is short. However, your support helps increase inventory to a more broad selection of guns to enjoy. If there are any special requests for firearms not in current inventory, sometimes those requests can be fulfilled for a service fee set by the owner of the firearm requested. Currently, we are gearing to obtain more firearms directly related to Law Enforcement use, and firearms that can be demonstrated to agencies.